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  1. USC Outpaces LSU in Showdown of Monster Match-ups

    Week Ten

    As we get nearer to the end of the college football season, we’re going to take a moment and admire the thrilling week of action we witnessed this past weekend. The sheer force of the various primetime games led to heart-racing evening in my household. From the battles in SEC country to the high wired acts of the Pac-12. and the answered prayers of Touchdown Jesus, all the games featured tense and exciting moments. These major matchups also turned in extremely impressive page views over the past week and forecast what will be an exhilarating race to the finish between the top four BCS teams.

    Last weekend saw two games that practically served as de-facto semifinals for the national BCS picture when LSU played host to Alabama and USC welcomed the Oregon Ducks. While the road teams in each contest pulled out thrilling victories, it was the home teams that went mano-a-mano on our weekly page view scorecard. After all the dust was settled, the USC Trojans had more page views over LSU on our site by a landslide. To be fair, that advantage could probably be attributed to the fact that there were far fewer Alabama-LSU tickets on the market and their prices were out of reach for many fans, but the Oregon-USC game still proved to be extremely popular among the college football landscape. Ohio State, who currently hold the quietest 10-0 in CFB history thanks to their disqualification for postseason play, still manage to recruit an impressive fan following and took third on our chart. The Georgia Bulldogs, now in the driver’s seat for the SEC East crown, took fourth ahead of their game against Ole Miss, and it was Notre Dame, who provided quite a scare for all their fans with their triple overtime win over Pitt, slotted in fifth.

    For the full list and rankings, check out this week’s list: