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  1. StubHub: Your Fall Football… Travel Resource?!

    Yes, that’s right! We teamed up with some of the biggest names in travel – and – to give college football and NFL fans insights that will help them plan which teams to see on the road. Not only do we have the insight on which teams offer the best bargains, but our mobile app means you can check-in from the road to find tickets.


    Earlier this week we teamed up with to announce the top NFL road trip bargains, looking at average NFL ticket prices on StubHub last month and average hotel room rates from the first half of 2012. We found 11 destinations where you can spend a night and get a ticket to the game for less than $310! Our list is below, and you can read more about the findings here


    We also joined forces with Expedia to find out where the biggest football fans hail from, and how much they’re paying to cheer on their teams. An online Harris Interactive survey conducted on behalf of Expedia found that the American South loves college football more than residents of any other region. 63% of Americans in the South watch college football, narrowly edging residents of the Midwest (62%). Residents of the South and Midwest were both found to be significantly more likely to watch college football than those in the West (51%) or Northeast (47%).

    StubHub found that, unsurprisingly, fans in the South pay the most for their tickets and are buying a good chunk of them: average ticket prices are 9.1% higher than the national average. The South also comprises a full 50% of college football ticket buyers and transactions and 55% of ticket sales.

    Breaking it down further, we found that, collectively, fans in Texas pay 75% more for college football tickets than residents of the next-highest state, California. California was the only Western state in the top 15 of total ticket sales. On a per-ticket basis, Louisianans pay the most; the average ticket price in Louisiana is $231 per ticket. The national average is $114 per ticket.

     What’s this all mean? College football fans have a lot of options when it comes to picking which game they want to see, but games up north may offer a slightly better bargain if you’re looking to hit the road this season.