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  1. San Francisco Firefighter & His Son Get World Series Experience of a Lifetime

    I’m a sucker for cute kids. Throw baseball and cute kids together and it’s all over for me! That’s why I love this story that happened this week.

    The Detroit Tigers’ Justin Verlander threw a complete-game shutout as the Tigers eliminated the A’s in Game 5 of the American League Divisional Series in Oakland, Calif. (MCT photo)

    Dash Crispen is a seven-year-old Little Leaguer from San Francisco. He comes from a long line of Giants fans; none bigger than his dad, Dean. Dean is a firefighter with the city of San Francisco and missed his Giants win the 2010 World Series a few years back because he had to work that night. Luckily, he got a second chance when his beloved Giants rattled off three thrilling wins in a row over the Cardinals to qualify for the 2012 World Series. Dean, Dash, and the whole gang are thrilled to watch the Giants take on the Tigers for the first time ever in Fall Classic history, although Dash for different reasons.

    You see, Dash, although growing up in San Francisco and raised in a Giants home, is a hardcore DETROIT TIGERS fan! Now I can relate to growing up in the City and not latching on to the Giants (I’m an Oakland A’s girl myself), but my allegiances never left the Bay Area.  Dash, for whatever reason, loves the team from the Motor City and adores Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander and Prince Fielder. When opportunity arose for Dad’s favorite team to match up with son Dash’s favorite team, it was a chance for a really special moment.

    Dean took the initiative and bought plane tickets for Dash and himself to go to Detroit to try and catch one of the games in Comerica Park. Dash had never been there and it was a chance for him to see his favorite team play a World Series game at home, but also redemption for Dean to potentially get a chance at witnessing his Giants capture the title. They didn’t have World Series tickets when they decided to go, but were going to figure it out when they got there.

    This is where we come in. We get requests for tickets all the time and unfortunately we can’t accommodate everyone. However, StubHub got wind of Dash’s story and thought this was such a unique opportunity, especially for a local firefighter, that we should step in and provide an experience unlike any other. Thanks to StubHub, Dean and Dash will get to enjoy Games 4 and 5 at Comerica Park this weekend with the World Series on the line! How cool is that?!

    Dash, I hope you have fun! Maybe you’ll get a chance to watch Verlander do to the Giants what he did my A’s.