At StubHub, it's more than just tickets -- it's about putting your game face (or rocker hair) on and being a fan. My job is a new bag of tricks every day, filled with fans from all walks of life. Stay in the know and get the inside scoop on all things StubHub with me here.


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  1. In the Know: Time of Your LIVE

    Time of Your LIVE is a campaign we rolled out when we unveiled our Facebook Timeline. While it was fun to look back in our decade+ of history, we realized we needed some help from fans to fill it all in. Tons of incredible live entertainment events have taken place over the years, and every day we’ve been flashing back to a new one. Check out our Facebook here and send us your memorable fan moments! 

    Apr 20: Time of Your LIVE: Week 3

    Apr 12: Time of Your LIVE: Week 2

    Apr 5: Introducing: Memorable Milestones with StubHub